"Try the two-week trial and go from there, because you'll be amazed. I can tell my patients at work I'll help lift them off the table, and they're like "Wow you're really strong.""

"You [Andrew] are the easiest person to talk to... You're very much into technique, and that's what I was lacking before."

"I'm very energetic with my kids... Before the two months, I could pick them up, but I would have to swoop them, but now I just pick them up."

"It [strength training] is a lot better than the other stuff I've done... I'd say, give it a try, even if it's just for the two-week trial. You won't regret it."

-Jen, Stow, OH

"The family and I were out early spring... We're going down the river. The next thing you know, my daughter leans over the canoe. In we go... I come up. I can't find my daughter. I look and she's pinned [under the canoe]. I was able to swim over, come up under the canoe and lift it off over her. It wasn't that heavy, but I couldn't put my feet on the bottom. I was able to lift it up and swim her to shore."

"I would say do it [strength training]. I expected the workouts to be so much more miserable, but they're really not. You just gotta commit yourself to an hour and a half a couple times a week, and you'll feel the difference."

-Ed, Stow, OH

"I started with basically no knowledge on it [strength training], and I feel comfortable doing it on my own now."

"[The coaching] was very clear, very concise. I felt comfrotable with you, and I would definitely recommend to you somebody else."

-Brent and Adam, Stow, OH

"I knew absolutely nothing coming in, and he addressed all of the basics. Everything. I knew nothing, and he covered all aspects, from gripping the bar properly to foot placement."

-Ed Whitney, Stow, OH

"The biggest reason [I'd recommend Andrew] is to get the best form. Trying to figure this out [on my own], I'm not really getting the full benefit. Bringing that to my attention so that I can continue to stay healthy and work out for the long term, I loved."

-Linda Wolok, Midland, MI

"The technique, tips, the emphasis on form, and the attention to detail is better than anything I've gotten anywhere else."

-Jim O'Neil, Akron, OH

"What I learned today was that I've been doing the squat and press for a long time, but there's a lot of technique that people don't think about. Anybody that's trying to learn how to exercise the right way should do it with an expert."

-Tommy McDonald, Akron, OH