10 Weight Loss Tips You Can Start Using Today!

1) Weight loss diets work because they restrict calories.

Fundamentally, any weight loss diet that works does so because it allows you to take in less calories required for you to maintain your weight. It doesn't matter the variety: keto, intermittent fasting, calorie counting, etc. They work because you take in less calories. Now, if one of those diets is easier for you to comply with (I like low carb diets for myself when just trying to lose fat), that diet will be best, assuming it facilitates a restriction in caloric intake.

2) Smaller plates

If you've ever been to a buffet, you'll notice that the cheap items (potatoes, broccoli) have huge spoons and the expensive items (steak, salmon) have tiny spoons. This is a psychological effect where the contrast makes the item seem a different size. You can leverage this though. If you use small plates, you will be inclined to put less food on your plate, because it seems relatively larger compared to your plate.

3) Stop drinking regular pop

Pop is filled with sugar and has no satisfying qualities (in terms of hunger). Switch to water, flavored (no sugar) tea, or diet pop. Yes. Diet pop is fine.

If you drink A LOT of pop, it may be easier to simply cut back incrementally.

4) Eating order

Certain foods are more satiating than others, so eat those first. Start with the protein, then vegetables, and if you're still hungry, the carbs (bread, potatoes, etc). By the time you get to the carbs, you should be pretty full and won't overeat them.

5) Eat slower

Your brain takes times to register that there's something in your stomach, so if you eat slower, you will feel full with less food intake.

6) Prepare your food in advance and have meals ready before you get hungry

When you're hungry, everything looks good and your impulse control is compromised. You need to have food that is already ready OR that you're excited about eating. To go along with this, if you make the meal so that it's ready when you're hungry, you'll be less likely to make something compromising.

7) Don't go grocery shopping hungry

Most people know this one, but it can be hard to follow. If you shop hungry, you're probably going to make poor choices which in turn is going to leave you with poor choices at home.

8) Self-control in the grocery store will save you from needing self-control at home

It's very easy to snack or make a high calorie meal if it's easy to get to. If you shop smart and only fill your house with food that is low in calories, the barrier to eat high calorie food is much higher. This is especially important for people with poor impulse control.

9) Strength train

When you make your body use your muscles while on a caloric deficit, your body will preferentially pull calories from the fat and attempt to maintain the muscle. This means that while your weight loss might be the same, you'll lose more fat than if you hadn't been lifting weights.

10) Have a good support system

This is the hardest to change, but having a supportive environment cannot be understated. If you have a spouse that isn't eating the same food as you, it will be tempting to give up. Conversely, if you have a spouse that is also trying to eat healthy with you, you will be interdependent, and it will be significantly easier to comply with your diet. The same is true of your friends and coworkers.



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