Buddy pressing 65lb 

Strength makes
your life better

Strength is the basis of physical human interaction, and increasing that strength will provide many benefits. When people get strong, their back and knee pain lessens or goes away entirely. When you're stronger, picking up your kids is easier. Carrying your groceries to your car is easier. You can carry more groceries from your car to your house in one trip. You'll be less likely to be injured at work and by daily activities. Strength lets you leave the walker in the closet and continue living at your house unassisted.


                              Lisa (57) deadlifts 150lb for 3 repetitions 

                              Lisa (57) deadlifts 150lb for 3 repetitions 

I care about you,
and my methods work

What sets me apart is that I care about my clients. I go above and beyond to make sure that my clients are happy with their experience. As far as I'm concerned, if I'm not exceeding your expectations, I'm not doing my job well.

I use the Starting Strength model for both the technique in barbell training and for strength programming. This ensures the most safe approach to rapid strength gains. I guarantee you will see results in the first two weeks of training. I train out Hudson, OH and serve the greater Akron, OH area.

                            Andrew explaining technique in between sets

About me

My name is Andrew Lewis. I've been barbell training casually since 2007, but after discovering the Starting Strength model and book, I began training more seriously in 2010. I attended the Starting Strength Seminar in 2015. I competed in my first powerlifting meet in April 2016 and won the local meet. I performed the squat, press, and deadlift for a total of 1190lb.

I also taught gymnastics for four years and Brazilian Jiujitsu for three years. I have a blue belt in BJJ and have been training since 2010.