Why strength?

Human strength is the ability to produce force. Force is the method by which humans interact with the world. You pick up your kids using force. You carry your groceries using force. Strength is the basis of human existence, and increasing that strength will provide many benefits. Many muscle and joint pains go away when you get strong. Picking up your kids is easier. Carrying your groceries to your car is easier. You can carry more groceries from your car to your house in one trip. You will be less likely to be injured at work and by daily activities.

Why barbells?

The best way to get strong is to use compound lifts with barbells. The compound lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press, press, and clean) increase the strength of many muscles over a long range of motion. Barbells can be easily incremented to accommodate large or small increases in weight which makes the strength gaining process more effective. 

Barbell training (and all weight lifting) requires proper technique to prevent injury in training and optimal strength gain. 


Why Blackmetal Strength Training?

At Blackmetal Strength Training, we will work with you to become stronger and achieve your specific strength goals. The Starting Strength model is used for both the technique in barbell training and for strength programming. This ensures the most safe approach to rapid strength gains. Blackmetal Strength Training is based out of the Canton and Akron, OH area.


Andrew Lewis

Owner of Blackmetal Strength Training, Andrew has been barbell training casually since 2007, but after discovering the Starting Strength model and book, began training more seriously in 2010. He attended the Starting Strength Seminar in 2015. He competed in his first powerlifting meet in April 2016 and won the local meet. He performed the squat, press, and deadlift for a total of 1190lb.

Andrew taught gymnastics for four years and Brazilian Jiujitsu for three years. He has a blue belt and has been training BJJ since 2010.


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